Miriam & Nico – A Backyard Wedding in New Hampshire


Miriam & Nico took over the town of Harrisville, NH for their wedding weekend.  They brought the entire city of Philadelphia, I think…and it was spectacular.  The rain cooperated as we needed it to, making for some soft light and dramatic skies.  Their first look was a favorite of mine…Nico was so excited to see her coming that he told her to walk faster, which resulted in a high-heeled sprint on Miriam’s part.  The ladies of the bridal party each rocked their own unique dress, totally fitting the whole attitude of the day.  Miriam beamed with happiness, and the two of them are so clearly in love, you couldn’t help but smile (and cry sappy, happy tears) for them.  Their ceremony was incredibly unique, and their reception was under a tent in her parent’s yard.  The house, recently finished with renovations, used to be a schoolhouse…and now it’s a spectacular family home that means so much to Miriam.  The town was as much a part of their day as they were.  I’m so grateful that these two found me, and find it serendipitous that our paths crossed!  And Miss Nina of Nina Price Photography simply can’t go unmentioned – thanks for an awesome second shooting job!




Stephanie & Wayne – A Bedford Village Inn Wedding


Stephanie and Wayne got married on a beautiful Saturday evening in September at the amazing Bedford Village Inn.  After a sweet First Look, we walked around the property for some portrait time…Stephanie rocked some amazing red shoes that just so happened to match the foliage perfectly.  Their ceremony was in a secret garden, and the twinkle lights above their heads were straight out of a fairytale.   Family and friends had a great time celebrating, and it was so lovely that the two of them made an extra effort to get around the room and say hi to every single guest.  And the STILL had time to play with sparklers and dance their brains out.  Thanks for an awesome day!



Kaitlyn & Bobby – Berkshire Hills Country Club Wedding


Kaitlyn & Bobby’s wedding took me back to the Berskshires for a beautiful fall day.  There were so many amazing things about their wedding – Kaitlyn had bouguets made of BROOCHES (talk about an arm workout!), there was a cigar bar with mustache chocolate lollipops, they made their own Limoncello for favors (shoot, I forgot to take some)…oh, and the two of THEM!  They had a fabulous first look at the country club, a ceremony with beautiful views of the Berkshire Hills, and some gorgeous light for their portrait session.  The dance floor was packed, the toasts were lovely, and everyone had a fabulous time.  Thanks for letting me be a part of it, guys!



Hanging with the Woods – New England Family Photography


A couple of weekends ago, I left a jealous June and Clark behind to go hang out with our buddies, the Wood family.  June basically worships Wes (“He’s SO funny.”) and Clark loves all dudes who are dudes with him…and these three guys are total dudes.  We met up at the Assabet River Nature Preserve, the same place we took their photos last year, and had fun exploring, playing with sticks and racing down trails.  Boys will be boys, and these boys sure like their sticks.  And their apple cider donuts.  Thanks for a great session, friends!