Welcome to the World, Sebastian!

This little dude makes life look easy. Probably because his mom and dad are totally cool, and because he is surrounded by fabulous shades of green and brown and relaxment (yup, just made that word up).  I’m so happy for his mom and dad, and especially happy that I got to be there to meet him down in PA. Lots of love, guys!


Coming Soon – Baby J!


Well, these might be some familiar faces. Kristin, Krister, Kasen and Daimler are dear friends of ours. I met Kristin years ago at a bachelorette party in Miami (woooooot!). Then I photographed her wedding in Massachusetts, at a venue that is literally around the corner from our new house (a fact that I didn’t realize until I went there for some cocktails a couple of months ago). Then we ended up living about 10 minutes from each other in Pennsylvania. We had our first kids about 3 weeks apart. I miss them terribly now that we’ve moved, but have been so fortunate to crash in their guestroom when I’ve been back for weddings. Now, after a heck of a 2013, they have a new Great Dane. Oh, and a new BABY GIRL! I can’t wait to meet her next week when we travel down for a visit (and some photos, obviously)…until then, here’s a reminder of how you looked a couple of weeks ago, Kristin! XOXO

I played with some film on their shoot…the first couple of shots are from that roll!


Get-to-Know Miriam & Nico

Miriam & Nico might be getting married near my NEW house, but they live and fell in love near my OLD house.  So, it was a fun coincidence when we first spoke and worked out well for everyone that I was still traveling back and forth to Philadelphia quite a bit.  We did a little art museum area roaming, had some laughs, scared away a Tai Chi guy, and I got to shoot a little film while we were at it!  Can’t wait for their NH wedding in October!


Erin & Matt


Erin & Matt got married back in my home turf of western MA, and I was so excited to see what they put together for their wedding day.  I’d been pumped about all of their details since they told me about them at our initial meeting, and they certainly did not disappoint.  I was blown away!  Add the general loveliness of the two of them and what you get is almost as amazing as a cake covered in sprinkles.  These two are Disney fans, so that was a theme that carried throughout everything…from hidden Mickeys (check out Erin’s shoe above and you might spot one!) to the table names featuring famous Disney duos (handpainted on to the candle holders, by the way).  There was so much color, so much happiness, and two awesome puppets that you may or may not have seen before.  Thanks for an awesome, awesome day…and thanks to Miss Maura for shooting by my side!





July 12, 2014 - 2:06 pm

Aunt Connie - Wow, those were amazing. That was a beautiful wedding and getting these gorgeous pictures is icing on the cake. Couldn’t be happier for two very beautiful people, inside and out, joined together in love. Thanks so much for sharing.

Whitney & Al


Oh, Whitney.  You have been so insanely patient with me…waiting and waiting for this sneak peek.  And I thank you!  I will keep this short…because I know you are dying to scroll through and see all of this.  Your day was fabulous, you and Al were beautiful.  Your families were warm and welcoming, and we felt like we truly got a glimpse of where you and Al came from…the path you have traveled together…and hope that we captured that as amazingly as you shared it.  Oh, and happy birthday!!!


This was a most amazing moment, when Whitney’s dad walked in and saw her in her gown and was overwhelmed.


This also seems like an amazing moment…for a very different reason!


Al said, and I quote, “Oh my God!” as Whitney entered the church.





Amazing.  Whitney’s sister had a print-out of a wedding invitation that Whitney made.  For her and Al.  When they first started dating.  Hey, when you know, you know, right Whitney?


And then there was the most amazing dance-off.  Ever.  That lasted for about 3 hours.


June 26, 2014 - 3:57 am

Paula Roberts - Sarah, it was a pleasure to welcome you into our home and be part of our family for a day — The most important day of our daughter’s life! You so quietly went about strategically doing what you do best. You now have shown us how dreams come true through your photography. We keep reliving that day over & over… Now we have the pictures too! Thank you for the sneak peak ~ right in time for Whitney’s birthday. You are the BEST!