Miss Madelynn Turned 1!


Last weekend, I met up with one of my favorite families to finish up their Growing Baby series.  Miss Madelynn has finally turned 1…what a busy year it has been!  She moved from MD to PA, and did a whole lot of growing in between.  She’s such a fantastic little lady…just like her mom and as cool as her dad.  Lots of love to you three!


These guys had nothing to do with the session, but I love their head-to-toe color coordination…such a sweet couple out talking about theplants that they were passing, pointing out robins and just enjoying the first warm weekend of spring.


What’s a Growing Baby Series, you ask?  It’s a series of sessions following you and your baby, maternity to newborn to 6 month to 1 year!  In the end, you get a beautiful albumfeaturing all of your favorite moments from your sessions.




055_BabMad_253And 6 months!


April 16, 2014 - 9:11 pm

Jen - I know where you were! Love it there and love the pictures you captured… ;) I bustedout laughing that you included the older couple walking at the end! You make it interesting sarah!

Julia & Ian


My season kicked off with Julia & Ian, and I couldn’t have asked for a better couple, crowd and day!  I love these two – they are so happy, so full of fun and always ready to laugh.  They had their reception and First Look at the beautiful Huntingdon Valley Country Club.  Ian rocked his custom suit, and Julia’s fabulous shoes came from Etsy.  Once the nerves of the First Look were done, we braved the howling gusts of wind to get some photos around the property.  Julia was such a good sport, and I have to especially thank the groomsmen for their noble attempts at being a human wind-shield.  The bridesmaids’ dresses were a beautiful shade of purple with a black lace overlay and the ladies looked stunning.  The guys all had custom suits and put a lot of effort into their tie selection.  :)  And Al might have tried to steal the show with his lime-green lining.  Their ceremony was practically candle-lit, and just so beautiful, at the Abington Presbyterian Church.  Julia had some amazing details, including her teacup flower pots that were decorating the cocktail hour.  Thanks for such an amazing day!  And a shout-out to my flygirl Laura, who makes me so happy.


Fun with Film (and some personal work…)

I’m not gonna lie.  I’ve been a little distracted lately, mainly by these kids of mine.  And the snow.  And trying to keep us all from going crazy this winter.  So, I’m afraid that I’ve been a little negligent on the in-your-face business side of things – blogging, marketing, keeping up with all this SEO business, figuring out G+ and then some…I just haven’t had it in me.

I’ve been doing LOADS of brainstorming, thinking about where I want to take things and what I want to focus my energy on.  As a result, I’ve got some ideas that I am pretty jazzed about (fingers splayed, hands waving) that I just have to put some finishing touches on before I am ready to start announcing them.  Lots of you have asked (talking to you, my PA peeps) how things are going now that we are moved and settling in…and I am happy to report that the ball is starting to roll up here in New England.  I’m also excited to be making some trips back to PA and NJ this spring and summer…so I’ll be around offering some extra sessions to be announced soon.  I’m also proud to say that, for the first time EVER, I am completely caught up on album designing.  And now that I’ve said this, I’m sure I’ll get some selections in from all you slowpokes out there.  Which is fine, because it means that I get to look at your lovely faces again.  So bring it on, friends!  You know who you are…

The kids are doing well…we added some kittens to our family last weekend, so they have been doing a lot of chasing, lots of mauling (no claws – the kids are mauling the cats, the cats are very patient) and a little bit of sitting still together.  But really, we don’t sit still well in this house.  We’ve been doing some music classes, some dancing classes…lots of painting and block building.  Frozen is a huge hit here (obviously, hasn’t it taken over the world?) so we do a lot of Let(ting) it Go.  Clark’s really into trucks, so he’s always got a Matchbox car in one hand.  Usually he has one of June’s princess dolls in the other.  He’s well balanced.  One of his first words was “shoe”…I’m proud of that.  June’s sassy.  And sweet.  And going to be a Flower Girl this summer, so that’s pretty amazing to her.  They entertain each other well, something that I have really been thankful for, because it’s given me a chance to crawl out of the baby hole and feel a little more like an adult.  Even if I am wearing a purple-sequined headband as I type this.

To keep my creative juices running and as a bit of a challenge to see what I remember about shooting when I can’t peek at it, I bought some film and have been trying to only shoot the kids with my film camera.  It’s been fun, and hard to be patient to see the photos, but I thought I’d share some of the results from the last batch with you.  I don’t usually post family stuff on this site…mostly, I just want to prove to you all that I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth!

Stay warm, spring is on its way…


February 27, 2014 - 10:34 pm

Marsha - Nicely done, Sarah Schulte !!

February 28, 2014 - 2:13 am

jen - Sarah! Thanks for your post! It has been a long winter for sure… love your pictures on here. Esp the last one of them both painting, and the one of June playing on the ipad- John in his hoody in the back- AND LOVE her in the red cape sitting on the floor. All of them are just great. Miss you guys but know we will see each other again and pick up just where we left off. Take care! Jen.

My favorites from 2013…

It may be over a month since my last blog post, but there’s been a lot going on behind the scenes here!  I don’t usually get around to doing this – at least for the past couple of years – blame it on the kids, the house, me…but this year, I somehow managed to wrap up my edits before the clock struck 12 on December 31.  And what did that leave me to work on?  A Best-of post, and an all new portfolio page!

It’s been another awesome, roller-coaster year.  Since we didn’t have a baby on the way, we decided to keep life crazy and move to Massachusetts.  Best decision we ever made for our family, but a heart-breaker for me as far as the business goes.  It was so hard to say goodbye to couples and families – new clients and old, clients that have become friends.  I’ve already seen a couple of newborn sessions pop up on my newsfeed, done by other amazing Philadelphia photographers, and it’s so bittersweet to see those beautiful babies, photographed (amazingly) by someone else. I’ll be traveling back there quite a bit in 2014, and hope to catch up with lots of folks then.  Stay tuned for some announcements regarding mini-session for families, etc.

I’m also excited to start growing some roots here in New England, with a few local weddings already on the books.  I still have a few dates left for 2014, so if you know of anyone in either area looking for a photographer, send them my way!  Make sure that they tell me it was your doing, so that I can thank you with properly – I have an amazing new referral program in place!  Thanks to everyone, again, for such an awesome year.  It keeps getting better and better.  I leave you now with some of my favorite shots…details, moments and creative shots.  Happy New Year!