Hey, friends!  Thanks for finding me, and for taking the time to check things out around here.  Hopefully you’re not lost, and you’re here because you are thinking about photography.

This is a pretty awesome gig…one that is full of surprises and personalities and memories.  I’m capturing moments and preserving feelings, creating something to look back on and remember.  It’s my job to preserve that smile, that tear, that fancy dance move.  Candid moments, full of emotion, are a huge part of every shoot that I do, but so is the light and the love and the beauty.  It’s up to me to see how the light touches a veil, the way a child wrinkles her nose in laughter, and the way two people share a strength through love…

Every person, every couple, and every family has a unique story.  No wedding is the same, no love story is the same, no family is the same, and no photo should be the same.

My photographs are about you, and for you, so I am dying to hear more about you!  For those who are curious about who’s behind the camera and what makes me tick, here are some fun facts:


– I’ve got two crazy kids…18 months apart and both under 5.  I get to spend my days with them and they keep me moving, laughing and pulling my hair out.
– I love cooking but rarely make anything fancier than macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets (see above).  Things are getting a little more exciting (in more ways than one) now that the kids like to “help” in the kitchen.
– We don’t have cable in our house because we are cheapskates, so I binge watch most of my shows.  Most recently: Parenthood, American Horror Story and Mad Men.  I can also answer any questions you may have about the Disney Princesses, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and Bob the Builder.
– I like to run.  I used to be a runner.  Now I mostly chase little feet around the house and daydream of bundling up and going out for a chilly, quiet New England jog.
– Music is an important part of my house.  Currently, my playlist is dominated by Disney, Kidzbop and The Laurie Berkner Band.  I used to listen to lots of folk music, and James Taylor, and someday I will again.
– Every year I have plans to plant an impressive vegetable garden.  I usually do a quarter of what I plan, and only eat a third of what grows, but it’s sure exciting to plant it and the kids enjoy plucking the veggies all summer long, ripe or not.
– I’ve lived in 3 major cities in the past 12 years, and every time I have left one to move to the next, it’s been a total leap of faith and probably a little bit crazy.  It hasn’t been easy, but it’s worked out, and now we’re growing roots somewhere much quieter than any of that.
– I used to spend a lot of time shopping for amazing shoes.  Sadly, I no longer wear them very often, but they still sit in my closet, neatly stacked in their clear plastic bins, waiting for the kids to play dress-up.  I now channel my desire for fab footwear towards Toms, and justify my purchases with a “but it’s kind of for charity (which, I mean, it is)” excuse.
– I’m kind of obsessed with Instagram.  I mostly post photos of the kids, but use it to document our day-to-day and occasionally turn away from them to focus on something that catches my eye.  Then I turn right back around, because they are probably up to something.


Want to know more?  Contact me through the link over there on the right, or email or call me directly, and let’s set up a time to chat…

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