Beth & Richard (A Massachusetts Halloween Wedding)

I met Beth & Rich at the Lovesick Expo at the Boston venue Artists for Humanity.  I knew that if I was meeting them there, and such a fan from just talking for five minutes, that their wedding day was going to be one to remember.  Our next meeting was at a dark, rustic bar…not the best light for sharing albums and wowing them with my work, but that wasn’t really the point, was it?  I wanted to talk to them, to hear their story and to tell them mine.  That’s what we did, and the rest is history.

Their Halloween-inspired wedding took place at Jones River Trading Post.  This venue is super neat, and a blank canvas for someone with a vision like theirs.  Halloween was everywhere, but not obnoxiously so.  Their details were on-point, from the horror novels propping up their candy jars, to the terrariums with goblins and gravestones, to the amazing carved pumpkins placed about the room.

Beth told me she wanted to do her first look in the woods, up by this “giant flat rock.”  Sure, I said.  No problem, I’ll scope it out…thinking that it would be a few feet into the forest.  Nope!  This girl is a trooper, saying it was quite fine to walk 1/2 mile into the woods, wearing sneakers, to see her handsome groom waiting at the end of the path.  I am SO GLAD that she was up for it, because the spot was truly amazing.  I love how these two look at each other, and talk to each other, and make each other laugh.  And I’m so thankful that they found me and asked me to be a part of their day.


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