Emily & Ronnie (A New England Engagement Session)


As I start to catch up on some long-delayed shoot-sharing, I look out the window at the blizzarding snow we are getting and it seems like forever ago that I met up with Emily & Ronnie near their apartment to try to capture some fall foliage in their engagement photos.  Foliage is tricky – we have one (sometimes 2) REALLY AMAZING weeks of gorgeous color, and then it’s gone.  It seems to arrive all at once, with a few lingering trees clinging to their green for as long as they can.  Everyone wants to fit their shoots in those two weeks…so booking in advance is important, but also risky – what if you are too early or too late?  Oh, the horror!!!

Emily and Ronnie were a little early…but we made it work.  We scoped out the few yellow and red and orange trees we could find and worked them for all they were worth!  Emily did her homework, and took us to the reservoir in town.  We got there just as the sun was saying goodnight, hitting the lake with the perfect glow and highlighting the color that was there.

After we exhausted our time at the lake, we took a drive along their favorite running route and pulled over for a couple of last shots.  Sometimes, the sun gets low faster than you think it will…in which case, we created our own!  I’m so pleased with the way the last two shots came out, and that these two lovebirds were willing to be patient and let me play a bit with “fake” light.  Emily’s secret garden trail is made even more magical by that golden glow!



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