Liz & Andrew (A Backyard Wedding)


Liz & Andrew got married in the backyard of a home that has been a part of Liz’s family for over 200 years.  This was an amazing fact to me; I don’t think many families can brag that.  The love they have for their families is deep-rooted and soul-filling.  It resonated throughout the day, and carried you away.  People just LOVE to be around these two.  Their happiness is contagious, and they are so genuine and care so much for every single person that was at this wedding.  Even editing, Liz’s laugh and Andrew’s smile shone out of every image and filled me up with warm, fuzzy feelings.  Tears of joy were flowing all day long, from parents and siblings and friends and the two of them.

Liz and Andrew really wanted to take some time to themselves after the ceremony.  While I think that this is a completely wonderful thing, it gave me a little panic in my gut.  “Wait, wait, wait,” I said to myself.  “We have one hour to take portraits and family photos, and you want to what?  Take 15 minutes away from me?  NOOOOOO!”  That’s what I said to myself.  What I said to Liz was, “Can I follow you and take some photos of it?”  Thankfully, she said yes to that, and some of my favorite shots from our portrait session are from when they were having alone time.  Then we got some gorgeous portraits, all the family photos, and weren’t even late to the reception.  BAM!

Stephanie and her team from Cape Cod Celebrations did an amazing job bringing all of Liz’s gorgeous details together to create an incredibly beautiful day.  Liz did most (if not all) of the decorations herself, and they were stunning.  There were succulents, and candles, and twinkle lights, and baby’s breath…Liz had an amazing wardrobe change and shook it out on the dance floor…and there was an ice cream bar.  Despite the New England chill that settled in that weekend, I caught several folks enjoying a frozen treat for dessert!

Welcome back from that amazing honeymoon, Liz and Andrew. Thanks for having me and Diana (and thanks, Diana, for kicking butt alongside me!).






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