Meet Baby Logan (A Massachusetts Newborn Session)


This is Logan.  His mom likes giraffes…he’s not so sure.  He sure looked cute for .5 seconds, until he decided that he was not having any of that giraffe nonsense and would not be happy until it was off of him.  .5 seconds was all we needed!  After that, we didn’t try to dress him up.  He just did his thing, kept it cool.

Liz & Bryan have been around these parts before.  I photographed their wedding when I first moved back to Massachusetts, and was so excited to hear that they were expecting.  Next came their maternity session at FarAndNear in Shirley.  Logan brought us full circle, and it was lovely to see them in action as parents in their own environment.  They were relaxed, confident, and in awe of their little man.  Rightfully so, because he was pretty cool.

Now I see photos of Logan on Facebook and he’s a little man – lifting his head, rolling over, getting bigger and bigger.  It’s neat to look at these photos, now almost 3 months old, and see how much he’s changed.  I suppose that’s the point, right?  When time goes so quickly, and kids grow so fast, we need something to hold on to and look back at.  I can hardly imagine what my kids looked like as newborns.  When I go back and see photos, even from only 3 months ago, they look incredibly different to me.  I have Facebook reminding me of memories from a year ago, when Clark’s hair was long and he was a chunka-munka, and I can’t believe it’s the same kid.

June got to tag along for this session.  It’s kind of cool that she’s old enough to chill out and come along with me.  I don’t have to worry about her too much, and her curiosity about what I’m doing doesn’t last too long.  Thanks for letting her crash the party!



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